Since the very beginning, the company has strongly believed in its vision of the crucial role that plant-based foods play in the wellbeing of both people and the planet. As a Finnish forerunner, Jalofoods offers an array of innovative, tasty alternatives to be used in protein-rich vegetarian cooking. Today Jalofoods produces 1 million kilos of high-quality organic tofu, even in comparison to the highest international standards. A more disruptive market entry for tempeh is only just beginning in Finland.

The popularity of tofu and tempeh grows steadily as vegetarian and vegan products and recipes win more hearts at homes and in professional kitchens. Jalofoods aims to find a solid place in the daily lives of Finnish consumers, not just via pans and plates, but also through changing lifestyle and consumer choices. The company believes that this can be achieved by doing what it does; focusing on good taste, good vibes and spreading the plant-based food message with its easy, clever recipes.

Jalofoods has been sourcing its raw materials from the same partners for a long time. For tofu production, it sources Fair Trade soy beans from over 20 Brazilian family-run farms. In addition, the company sources Finnish beans and pulses for its Jalotempe products. ‘Organic’ and ‘fair’ are deeply rooted in the soul of the company, which helps build rock-solid ties with like-minded partners.

Jalotofu – Tofu of Finland
Jalotofu is made using organic, Fair Trade soy beans, following a traditional production method. The Jalotofu selection already includes seven different products, based on different cooking needs and flavour desires: natural (Maustamaton), soft silken-style (Pehmeä), marinated (Marinoitu), cold smoked (Kylmäsavu), hemp (Hempnut), mild chili steak (Mieto chili paistopala), beetroot steak (Vegeström punajuuripihvi).

Jalotofu is like the chameleon in the kitchen; it has the ability to transform and play many parts in cooking. There is a Jalotofu favourite to all taste and texture preferences. With easy and fast cooking tricks the different Jalotofu options turn into the building blocks of daily mealtimes for ‘hungry like the wolf’ kids, family dinners, protein-rich post-training meals or a candle-lit dinners for one or two.

Jalotofu products are widely available for consumers at supermarkets, eco stores, as well as on the menus of a growing number of cafes and restaurants. For professional kitchens, larger-size food service packages are available.

Jalotempe – chop, fry and season
Jalotempe tempeh is the latest addition to the Jalofoods product offering. Tempeh is a plant protein product, made according to an ancient Indonesian tradition by fermenting beans and pulses. In the last few years it has gained more popularity among those favouring high-quality, protein-rich and minimally processed plant-based food products. Based on Finnish beans and pulses – Jalotempe lupin (Lupiini), faba bean (Härkäpapu) and pea (Herne) – and organic, Fair Trade soy beans from Brazil, the entire Jalotempe product selection is made in Tammisaari, Finland.

Tempeh is made by adding a natural Rhizopus fungi to act as a fermentation starter to the beans and / or pulses. As the mix ferments, the beans and pulses bind to each other. As a side product, various forms of vitamin B are produced and the digestibility of the beans and pulses improves. In its ready form, tempeh has an easy-to-handle, firm texture. This makes tempeh meals easy and quick to prepare. It can replace meat in many dishes with just a few preparation steps; chop, fry and season. Jalotempe products are available for consumers at a growing number of K Group (Kesko) supermarkets and ecostores. Jalotempe can be spotted on the menus at pioneering cafes and restaurants. For professional kitchens, larger size food service packages are available.

Plant-based cooking inspiration
The Jalotofu website hosts a variety of inspirational and innovative daily cooking resources. There are countless recipes for using tofu and tempe in all types of meals from super fast daily dinners to more slow-paced weekend cooking. With the help of the online recipe resource everyone can discover their own hidden foodie talent to prepare the kind of plant-based dishes which become quick school and work day classics and praised creations enjoyed at dinner parties with friends.