Jalofoods – pioneer in tasty & sustainable vegetarian food 

Our organic products for protein-rich vegetarian cooking have promoted the wellbeing of both people and the planet since we established the company on this vision in 1989. As Jalofoods started its organic tofu production almost 30 years ago, as Oy Soya Ab, tofu was a surreal idea to the vast majority of Finnish consumers.  

“Since the very beginning, we have strongly believed in our vision of the crucial role that plant-based foods play in the wellbeing of both people and the planet.”  

In true pioneer style, Jalofoods produces a selection of tasty, innovative and sustainable tofu classics and tempeh products for protein-rich vegetarian cooking. All our products are certified organic, based on sustainably sourced European soybeans and Finnish pulses.  

We produce over 1 million kilos of high-quality organic tofu per year at our Tammisaari production facility. Our tofu ranks extremely well within the highest international quality standards. A more disruptive market entry for tempeh is only just beginning in Finland. 

Vegetarian food gains popularity in Finland 

The popularity of tofu and tempeh products grows steadily as vegetarian and vegan products and recipes win more hearts at homes and in professional kitchens in Finland. Jalofoods aims to find a solid place in the daily lives of Finnish consumers, not just via pans and plates, but also through changing lifestyle and consumer choices. We believe that this can be achieved by doing what we do; focusing on good taste, sustainable vibes and spreading the plant-based food message with our easy, clever recipes

Sustainability at the core 

Jalofoods has been sourcing its raw materials based on sustainable principles since day one. For tofu production, we source our organic soybeans from Europe. In fact, Jalotofu is the first Europe Soya certified organic tofu in the world.  

In addition to providing information and traceability on the origin of soybeans used in Jalotofu products, the label also symbolises the aim of changing common perceptions about the sustainable use of the incredibly nutritious soy ean in human nutrition (from feed to food principle). This is a goal that Jalofoods passionately shares with the Donau Soja Organisation and the soybean farmers it works with. 

In addition to using organic, Europe Soya certified soybeans, we source only the highest-quality Finnish beans and pulses for our Jalotempe products. ‘Organic’ and ‘fair’ are deeply rooted in the soul of the company, which helps build rock-solid ties with like-minded partners. We firmly believe in continuosly taking actions that minimise our impact on the planet.  

Examples of our actions are wide-reaching. All our Jalotofu products are carbon neutral. We have our own solar energy plant to produce part of our production energy, supplemented by locally produced renewable eco energy. Going forward, we are planning to open our own biogas plant, completely reusing our food waste as production energy.  


Our classic, organic Jalotofu products are made from highest-quality organic soybeans, sustainably sourced from Europe.  

The Jalotofu range includes four distinct flavour options: Natural, Marinated, Cold Smoked or Hemp seed. They all have their own devoted fans, including aspiring and experimental home chefs. Red more about the Jalotofu options below. 

Natural (Maustamaton) 

Our natural, firm tofu is the original classic. Made from organic, European soybeans, this unflavoured tofu wins the hearts of both beginners and experimental home chefs. It is a versatile plant protein that works well in all cooking styles. It absorbs flavours very well, so season creatively!  

Marinated (Marinoitu) 

A long-standing favourite, the organic basil, garlic & Shoyu marinated tofu opens up opportunities to cooking on the fly. Made from organic, European soybeans, this gluten-free, firm Marinated tofu works crumbled, cubed or sliced. We recommend adding the crispy, fried pieces to almost any dish! Gluten free. 

Cold smoked (Kylmäsavu) 

Created for the Finnish, smoked-flavour-loving nation, our Cold smoked tofu seems to keep converting even those that are skeptical about vegetarian food. Natural flavour derived from concentrated cold smoke, coupled with long-fermented soy sauce is an unbeatable combo. Gluten free.  

Hemp seed (Hampunsiemen) 

The combination of organic, European soybeans and organic, Finnish hemp seeds is the secret behind our natural, mildly nutty-flavoured Hemp seed tofu. This firm tofu boasts an excellent fatty acids and protein profile for the health conscious. Marinate or season as you cook and enjoy in your favourite dishes! 

Silken tofu (Jalotofu Pehmeä)

The soft (‘pehmeä’ means soft in Finnish) organic tofu is possibly the most versatile of all tofu products. Also known as silken tofu, it is your natural choice in plant-based cooking for achieving a creamy texture. It’s a favourite in dips, dressings, smoothies and desserts, with an added bonus of excellent protein and nutrient profiles

Jalotofu Paahtopalat

The Jalotofu Paahtopala or ‘Revittu tofu’ range is our latest vegan food product innovation. These pulled tofu pieces were born out of our will and drive to completely rethink the vegan classic, tofu. We went about it with consideration and careful testing of different versions, however with a good dose of rebellious attitude. The end result is a next-generation organic tofu product that is easier, tastier and crispier than ever before. 

Pulled tofu, natural(Jalotofu Paahtopalat Maustamaton)

The pulled, roasted tofu pieces represent the new shape of tofu! Vegetarian and vegan cooking is suddenly easier and tastier than ever as all you need to do is toss the organic tofu pieces on to a pan, flavour and add to any dish you have a craving for. They work particularly well in Asian dishes, salads, pasta dishes – wherever you can think of! 

Pulled tofu, marinated(Jalotofu Paahtopalat Maustettu)

Readily marinated (with garlic and smoked paprika), pulled, roasted tofu pieces are the most flavoursome version of the new, pulled shape of tofu. As usual, they are organic, with no additives. Use instead of chicken or meat. Just heat the tofu pieces quickly in a pan and toss into salads, Asian dishes or any other dish you want to turn into a plant-based feast.

What is Jalotofu? 

Jalotofu is a firm, natural plant protein made using organic soybeans from Europe, following a gentle, traditional production method that originates to cuisines in Eastern and Southern Asia. We have developed four different flavour versions of the traditional tofu block, to be used in all cooking styles. 

How is Jalotofu made? 

Jalotofu is made from dried, organic soybeans that are first cleaned and soaked overnight in water. The beans are then gently crushed, followed by boiling. The resulting mixture is separated into solid pulp (called okara) and soy “milk.” We then add a natural, traditionally used salt coagulant, nigari, to the soymilk to separate the curds from the whey. Pressing is the final stage in the process to produce a firm block of Jalotofu. 

The spices and other ingredients used in our readily marinated Jalotofu products are all super high quality and organic, naturally.  

How (easily) do you use Jalotofu? 

Jalotofu is like the chameleon in the kitchen; it has the ability to transform and play many roles in cooking. There is a Jalotofu favourite to all taste and texture preferences. With easy and fast cooking tricks the different Jalotofu options turn into the building blocks of daily mealtimes for ‘hungry like the wolf’ kids, family dinners, protein-rich post-training meals or a candle-lit dinners for one or two. 

The Jalotofu website hosts a variety of inspirational and innovative daily cooking resources. There are countless recipes for using tofu (and tempeh) in all types of meals from super fast daily dinners to more slow-paced weekend cooking. With the help of the online recipe resource everyone can discover their own hidden foodie talent to prepare the kind of plant-based dishes which become quick school and workday classics and praised creations enjoyed at dinner parties with friends. 

Where to buy Jalotofu? 

Jalotofu products are widely available for consumers at Finnish supermarkets, eco stores, as well as on the menus of a growing number of cafes and restaurants.  


Jalotempe is the latest addition to the Jalofoods plant-based protein product family. Tempeh is made according to an ancient Indonesian tradition by fermenting beans and pulses.  

We make our Jalotempe with highest-quality organic soybeans, sustainably sourced from Europe, as well as organic pulses from Finland. The Jalotempe range includes three unique flavour options: Original, Green pea and Fava bean.  

Firm Jalotempe is extremely easy to use: just chop, fry and season. It absorbs flavours very well and works in almost any dish! Read more about the Jalotempe options below. 

Original (Soija)

The original tempeh, made from organic European soybeans, prepared naturally following Indonesian fermentation traditions. The slightly nutty, savoury flavour of our Original tempeh makes it the perfect, easy-to-use plant-based protein for any weekday or weekend dish! 

Green pea (Herne) 

A modern take on the traditional tempeh, made from the good old organic green pea from Finland. The fresh flavour of our Green pea tempeh tastes like summer and is well-tolerated even by those sensitive to peas. Works particularly well fried, in dishes with garlic or ginger. 

Faba bean (Härkäpapu) 

Organic Finnish fava beans, supported by Finnish buckwheat are the ingredients that created this plant-based protein innovation. The flavour of our Fava bean tempeh could be described as the Finnish umami. Works equally well in traditional and modern dishes. 

What is Jalotempe? 

Jalotempe is a firm, natural plant protein made using organic soybeans and pulses, following an original, Indonesian, fermentation-based production method. We have developed three different flavour versions of tempeh, which are easy to cook with. We recommend getting creative and experimenting with Jalotempe in traditional Finnish or more exotic cooking styles. 

How is Jalotempe made? 

Tempeh is made by adding a natural Rhizopus fungi to act as a fermentation starter to the organic soybeans and / or pulses. As the mix ferments, the beans and pulses bind to each other. As a side product, various forms of vitamin B are produced and the digestibility of the beans and pulses improves.  

In its ready form, tempeh has an easy-to-handle, firm texture.  

How do you use Jalotempe? 

As Jalotempe has a firm texture, tempeh meals are very easy and quick to prepare. It can replace meat in many dishes with just a few preparation steps; chop, fry and season.  

Jalotempe and the different flavour profiles in our product range work incredibly well in just about any dish, from traditional Finnish dishes, to salads and its natural habitat, Asian dishes.  

The Jalotofu website hosts a variety of inspirational and innovative daily cooking resources. There are countless recipes for using tempe (and tofu) in all types of meals from super fast daily dinners to more slow-paced weekend cooking. With the help of the online recipe resource everyone can discover their own hidden foodie talent to prepare the kind of plant-based dishes which become quick school and workday classics and praised creations enjoyed at dinner parties with friends. 

Where to buy Jalotempe? 

Jalotempe products are available at a growing number of K Group (Kesko) K supermarkets and ecostores. Jalotempe can also be spotted on the menus at pioneering cafes and restaurants.  


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🏻 se saa hyväksynnän lapsiltakin olemalla tarpeeksi neutraali ja sopivan kiinteä
🏽 se on fermentoitu palkokasvituote, eli se sopii herkällekin vatsalle
sen kanssa kokkailu on luvattoman vaivatonta (paista ja mausta → valmis)
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Jalotempe Soijapapu
Jalotempe Härkäpapu
🥙 Jalotempe Herne

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